Featuring...The Designers! February 3, 2016 20:56

We've been contacted by one of the local designers of one of the lovely village signs that dot our nearby landscape and we're going to take the bull by the horns (so to speak, not in real life!). When we started capturing the wonderful naive local art contained within the village signs our intent was to draw attention to the unique, quirky and iconic art on display for all to see. Yet, the artisans and designers who create these works tend to go unseen, unknown - and unrecognised. So, we're going to do something about it! Each month, if possible, we will write a short blog post featuring a village sign and a commentary about the designer - particularly if they are still living - and need to earn a crust of bread and such, as well as get some deserved attention for their skills! This month we are kicking off with Brenzett and the fabulous design by Stephan Goodban. Stay tuned as we stand up a blog piece on his art and his design philosophy!